Amerimold 2024

Matsuura will showcase the Matsuura LUMEX Avance-25 in Booth #609 at Amerimold 2024 in Columbus, Ohio June 5-6, 2024.

Achieve lights out manufacturing, improve time to market, eliminate outsourcing expenses, reduce costs, and minimize EDM/Polishing with Matsuura’s LUMEX Technology. The LUMEX Series is a powder bed metal Additive Manufacturing platform with machining capability.

With multiple customer case studies, all showing 25% to 45% reductions in cycle time reductions, the LUMEX Technology is transformative in the industry. Matsuura’s hybrid technologies achieve machining accuracy and surface finish comparable to machining centers, surpassing the capability of conventional metal 3D printers.

Booth visitors can discuss the LUMEX technology with the LUMEX team to learn how Metal Hybrid AM can reduce product development lead-times – Improving Time to Market for new products. Customers can also learn to address workforce issues and lack of skilled labor with lights-out manufacturing.

Matsuura’s LUMEX Technology is redefining the manufacturing process. The LUMEX series manufactures parts at near net shape, 3D objects with complex interior structures and creates components with hollows, 3D meshes and free-form surfaces. In addition, deep ribs, impossible to machine with machining centers, can be produced without using Ms. This advanced technology is gaining attention not only in the die and mold industry but also in the aircraft and medical industries.

Please contact Matsuura at [email protected] for additional information.