MX-330 PC10 Delivers Productivity Improvements & Fast ROI

This video from Matsuura Machinery features A.P.M Co., who bought their first 5-axis machine, the MX-330 PC10. Watch the video to learn about their story of success, productivity improvement, and the support they receive from Matsuura.

Matsuura MX-330 PC10 5-Axis Vertical Machining Center. The MX-330 5-Axis provides an effortless transition to 5 face machining for customers accustomed to traditional 3-axis cutting on a vertical machining center.

The company succeeded by reducing operations with the Matsuura MX-330 PC10.

The MX-330 is affordably priced and offers a large work envelope in a compact footprint. The MX-330’s exceptional ergonomics, intuitive controls and full simultaneous 5-axis capability allows machine shops to meet their customers’ increasing demand for shorter lead-times and higher tolerances across multiple faces.

The MX-330 delivers machining center versatility with a standard Matsuura-made high accuracy spindle of 15,000 RPM with 48 ft-lbs. of torque. Optional 15,000 RPM with 88 ft-lbs. of torque and 20,000 RPM with 80 ft-lbs. of torque are available.

The MX-330 with 10 pallets and 90 tools provides hand-built quality, reliability, and precision engineering. Ideal for the medical and aerospace industries and other high precision components, the MX-330 offers an easy transition from 3-Axis to 5-sided or 5-axis production and  is excellent for small parts but can handle parts up to ø13” X H11.8” and weighting up to 177 lbs.

The machining center delivers high speed and cost-effective automation utilizing unmanned production with standard CAMplete TruePath software.

CAMplete TruePath is an easy-to-use application that uses toolpath data from all industry leading CAM Systems, and a customizable post-processor allowing output to NC programs the with no on-machine editing required. The software features 5-axis simulation, visualization, and verification tools.

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