Tour Matsuura’s Logistics and Supply Chain Management Operations

Please join Yuto Matsuura for a tour of Matsuura’s Logistics and Supply Chain Management Operations. Click on the image above to watch the video. Transcript below.

At Matsuura, precision is paramount. We maintain the most stringent requirements to ensure that we consistently receive high-quality components from suppliers.

Monthly, we produce an average of 50 machines. Because those 50 include a minimum of 26 different machine models, each built to individual customer specifications, we manufacture in a high-mix/low-volume production environment.

Operating this style of production requires efficient logistics.

At our headquarters, Matsuura has 30 team members dedicated to maintaining efficient logistics and supply chain management operations.

Careful inspection, the use of latest technology, and automation support the basis of Matsuura manufacturing.

Previously, Matsuura maintained multiple warehouses, but to deliver high-quality products, operate most efficiently, and support continuous improvement, we constructed this  XX sq. ft. building that exclusively accommodates intensive parts management.

In this building, we now manage an average of 1,000 assembly parts daily.

The stacked tolerance of each component’s precision determines the final accuracy of a machining center. Therefore, every single procured part is essential.

This is the inspection room, where we examine delivered parts.

According to the business history and the significance of a part, we have three ranks levels of inspection here. A full inspection is done to important components, such as parts for a spindle and 4th/5th axis.

This room is temperature controlled at 21 degrees Celsius plus or minus 1 degree. We have the two CMMs, with which dimensional and geometric accuracy is carefully measured.

Beside the CMMs, we also have a roundness measuring instrument, and a 3D scanner for precise measurement.

Furthermore, we adopted digital measuring instruments and tablets for better operational efficiency. We have established reliable traceability.

Let me show you our automated warehouse.

This has 12,420 small buckets, 2,310 large buckets, and 198 pallets.

84% of our stocked parts inventory are handled within this system.

This system is based on the First-in First-out concept. This means, even if we put the same type of a part into the warehouse, it is placed in the order of its arrival. Eventually, when we call a part, older stocked parts are always utilized first.

In this way, we do metabolic inventory control automatically.

Buckets are transferred to one of 6 exits, where we assemble required parts according to the stage of assembly. The packaged buckets are then delivered to the final assembly area.

A typical machine tool consists of tens of thousands of parts and requires a procurement system to process.

Previously, it took 5 days to manually picked the necessary parts.

Our automated warehouse system and intensive parts management, we were able to can now do it in just one day.

We also have similar automated warehouses in our Takefu factory, where we exclusively handle after service parts.

How did you like it? Our logistics system supports variable-part/variable-production at Matsuura. We make our very best effort to deliver our machines with the highest quality in the shortest lead time.

Unfortunately, we could only show a part of our factory. Please come and see our factory and our craftsmanship with your own eyes. We always welcome your visit.

To learn more, please contact your exclusive Matsuura Distributor or contact us at: [email protected].