Redefining Manufacturing

Due to unprecedented customer interest and demand, Matsuura’s Metal Additive Manufacturing Service Bureau is providing the production of 3D Metal printed and machined parts.

Matsuura, the North American experts in Metal 3D Printing and High-speed Milling, is now offering quick-turn prototyping producing a wide range of parts, including unique functional prototypes and low to mid-volume production runs.

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Conformal Cooling and Porous Venting

With Matsuura’s Metal 3D Printing, the production of high-volume mold components with conformal cooling and integrated porous venting will minimize the need for traditional EDM processes and provide significant savings to the production of molded plastic components. Customers can lower their capital equipment investments for tooling and molding machines while reducing mold cavitation requirements and accelerating Return on Investment (ROI).

Solving Supply Chain Challenges and Delays

Matsuura USA established a state-of-the-art Additive Manufacturing Center to promote the use of metal 3D printed parts as a solution to continuing supply chain challenges and delays. The next generation of design engineers will be creating parts that can only be manufactured with Metal 3D Printing

Additive Manufacturing Center

LUMEX Produced Part Samples

These highly precise and custom parts were produced by Conformal Cooling, Porous Venting and Elimination of EDM Requirements. Built using Matsuura Maraging II Steel, production build time was as fast as 30 hours. Experience the benefits of quick-turn prototype printing.

Global Resources: Experienced Engineers and Designers

The LUMEX team in our Additive Manufacturing Center, along with our collaboration with the Customer Solutions team and machine designers in Japan and Germany, will help customers quickly realize the benefits of additive manufacturing. Our team’s insight into the process and the technology, will assist in modification of your traditional designs into suitable 3D Metal Printing.

Speed as a Competitive Advantage

Digitization, globalization, and deregulation are transforming all businesses, making it difficult to plan. Compete in the market faster and create sustainable profits with accessibility to Matsuura’s professional-grade 3D Printing Services. Learn how printing on demand can put your business ahead of the competition.​

Unlock the Value of Industry 4.0

Adopt Industry 4.0 technologies without a significant investment. Companies that do not have the capital to 3D print products can drive efficiencies into their processes and create resilient and flexible supply chains with Matsuura’s expertise and technology.

Why should you choose Matsuura?

Advantages of the Matsuura LUMEX Production Services include:

  • Matsuura possesses the knowledge, the tools, and the know-how.
  • Metal 3D Printing can benefit Tooling, Injection Molding, CNC Machining, and Die Casting processes and operations.
  • We will work with you throughout the entire 3D Printing process, including through the design to enable our customer’s to fully realize the benefits throughout the life of their products.
  • Matsuura maintains manufacturing competences and proficiencies to implement Metal 3D Printing utilizing your processes and materials.
  • Matsuura provides online automated quoting, and valuable design-for-manufacturability analysis.
  • Matsuura guarantees the manufacturing speed and capacity to respond to quick-turn orders during product development, market launch, and production phases.
  • At Matsuura, consistency is our strong suit. With our level of quality control, we preserve the process to ensure repeatability and reliability.
  • Matsuura will simplify the process, produce your parts faster and at a competitive cost.

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