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Horizontal | Machining Center

Palletized | Adaptable Automation | Reliable Performance |

With the H.Plus-405, efficiency couldn’t be easier. Swap tools and pallets as production needs change and achieve higher productivity with around-the-clock automation.

Product Details

The H.Plus-405 features the Matsuura-made direct drive 4-axis table, Y-axis stroke extension, and compatibility with FASTEMS systems. Uniquely versatile, it delivers long periods of reliable operation, high accuracy, and efficient production.

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Quick Specs

Max Work Size
mm (in)
Ø700×H850 | (Ø27.55×H33.46)
Spindle Speed
12,000:BT40 Standard | 20,000:BT40 Option | 15,000 RPM Power Up Spindle Option
Travel (x/y/z)
mm (in)
660/660/660 | (25.98/25.98/25.98)
Download Full Technical Specs 
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