5-Axis Vertical Machining Center

Multi-tasking, High Precision

The CUBLEX-35 5-Axis Multitasking machine tool offers the ultimate level of process integration from milling, turning and grinding on one machine. The CUBLEX series enables high precision machining in unmanned operation, while providing cost reduction and one-chucking operation and eliminating errors from multiple setups.

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Industries Aerospace and Defense
Max Work Size mm (in) Ø350×H315 | (Ø13.77×H12.40)
Spindle Speed RPM 12,000:HSK-A63W (ICTM) Standard | 15,000:HSK-A63W (ICTM) Option | 20,000:HSK-A63W (ICTM) Option
Travel (x/y/z) mm (in) 550/440/580 | (21.65/17.32/22.83)
Loading Capacity kg (lb) 60 (132)
Rapid Traverse (x/y/z) m/min (in/min) 60 (2,362.2)
Rapid Traverse (a/c) min-1 200 (Milling) | 3,000 (Turning/Grinding) Option
Tool Taper HSK-A63 STD
Number of Tools 60:HSK-A63W (ICTM) Standard | 330 Option | 370/410/450/490/530:HSK-A63W (ICTM) Option
Number of Pallets 2 Standard | 32:Tower Pallet System Option | 40:Tower Pallet System Option
NC System Matsuura G-Tech 31i
Working Surface mm (in) Ø130 (Ø5.11)
Travel (b/c) ° -125~+65/360
Rapid Traverse (b/c) min-1 50 | 200 (Milling) | 3,000 (Turning/Grinding) Option