5-Axis Multi-Tasking Machining Center

Multi-tasking, High Precision

The large-capacity CUBLEX-63 5-Axis Multitasking machine tool was designed for true multitasking process integration – milling, turning and optional grinding on the same machine platform. The CUBLEX Series provides Matsuura’s legendary 5-axis and unmanned performance.

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Industries Aerospace and Defense
Max Work Size mm (in) Ø630×H450 | (Ø24.80×H17.71)
Spindle Speed RPM 2,000:HSK-A63W (ICTM) Standard | 20,000:HSK-A63W (ICTM) Option | 10,000:HSK-A100W (ICTM) Option | 12,000:HSK-A100W (ICTM) Option
Travel (x/y/z) mm (in) 760/845/660 | (29.92/33.26/25.98)
Loading Capacity kg (lb) 350 (770)
Travel (a/c) ° -120 ~ +30/360°
Rapid Traverse (x/y/z) m/min (in/min) 60 (2,362.2)
Rapid Traverse (a/c) min-1 25
200 (Milling) | 1,300(Turning/Grinding) Option
Tool Taper HSK-A63W STD (HSK-A100W OPT)
Number of Tools 51:HSK-A63W (ICTM) Standard | 120/150/180/210 /240:HSK-A63W (ICTM) Option | 120/160/200/240 /280/320:HSK-A63W (ICTM) Option | 360/400/440/480 /520:HSK-A63W (ICTM) Option | 60:HSK-A100W (ICTM) Option | 120/150/180/210 /240:HSK-A100W (ICTM) Option | 270/300/330/360:HSK-A100W (ICTM) Option
Number of Pallets 2 Standard | 6:Floor Pallet System Option | 18:Tower Pallet System Option
NC System Matsuura G-Tech 31i
Working Surface mm (in) Ø500 (Ø19.68)
Travel (b/c) ° -120~+30/360
Rapid Traverse (b/c) min-1 200 (Milling) | 1,300(Turning/Grinding) Option