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5-Axis Vertical | Machining Center

Automated Operation | Palletized Versatility | Speed & Precision |

Designed with a large pallet and tool changer, the MAM72-70V is as versatile as it is efficient. Its high accuracy, repeatability, and unmanned operation support high mix, low volume production.

Product Details

The MAM72-70V has the largest work envelope of any Matsuura 5-axis vertical machine. With numerous automation options and the ability to sustain continuous production for up to 72 hours, it can handle demanding production needs day and night.

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Quick Specs

Max Work Size
mm (in)
Standard | Ø700×H500 | (Ø27.56×H19.68)
Spindle Speed
15,000:BT40 Standard | 15,000 RPM Power Up BT40 Option | 20,000:BT40 Option
Travel (x/y/z)
mm (in)
1200/720/710 | (47.24/28.34/27.29)
Download Full Technical Specs 
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