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5-Axis Vertical | Machining Center

Automated Operation | Palletized Versatility | Speed & Precision |

Meet even the most demanding of production goals with the MAM72-35V. High accuracy, repeatability, a large pallet changer, and unattended operation support high mix, low volume production at any time.

Product Details

The MAM72-35V can withstand continuous production for up to 72 hours. It’s designed to handle a greater workpiece size than existing Matsuura models with its tailstock option and extra support for long workpieces and tall tombstone fixtures. MAM72-35V: 30+ years of Matsuura expertise distilled into one machine.

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Quick Specs

Max Work Size
mm (in)
Ø350×H315 | (Ø13.77×H12.40)
Spindle Speed
12,000:BT40 Standard | 15,000:BT40 Option | 20,000:BT40 Option
Travel (x/y/z)
mm (in)
550/440/580 | (21.65/17.32/22.83)
Download Full Technical Specs 
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