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Palletized | Adaptable Automation | Reliable Performance |

Reliable automation and adaptable tools and pallets make the H. Plus-300 fit for any project. Upgrade pallets as your needs change and achieve higher productivity.

Product Details

Get more done in one machine with the H.Plus-300. Compatible with FASTEMS systems and configured with the Matsuura-made direct drive 4-axis table, this powerfully efficient machine can shift and adapt to meet changing production needs.

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Quick Specs

Max Work Size
mm (in)
Standard | [with PC] | Ø530×H760,(Ø20.86×H29.92) | (PC5, PC15) | [with PC] | Ø500×H760 | (Ø19.68×H29.92) | (PC11)
Spindle Speed
15,000:BT40 Standard | 20,000:BT40 Option | 30,000:BT40 Option
Travel (x/y/z)
mm (in)
500/560/500 | (19.68/22.04/19.68)
Download Full Technical Specs 
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