Linear Motor Machine

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Max Work Size mm (in) Ø160 mm × H230 mm (Ø6.29 in × H7.87 in) Standard
Ø160 mm x H200 mm (Ø6.29 in × H7.87 in) [with PC]
Spindle Speed RPM 46,000:BT30 Standard
46,000:HSK-E40 Option
Travel (x/y/z) mm (in) 500/350/300
Loading Capacity kg (lb) 100 (220)
Rapid Traverse (x/y/z) m/min (in/min) 90 (3,543.3)
Tool Taper BT #30 STD (HSK-E40 OPT)
Number of Tools 10:BT30 Standard
30/50:BT30 Option
128/188/248/308 338:BT30 Option
10:HSK-E40 Standard
30/50:HSK-E40 Option
128/188/248/308 338:HSK-E40 Option
Number of Pallets [Fixed Table]
NC System Matsuura L-Tech 30i
Working Surface mm (in) 540 x 350 (21.25/13.77)
Travel (b/c) ° -125 ~ +125/360°
Rapid Traverse (b/c) min-1 100/200 min^-1
Industries Die / Mold, Medical