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LUMEX Avance-25

METAL LASER SINTERING | Hybrid Manufacturing

Reduced EDM & Polishing | Fast Time to Market | Lights Out Manufacturing |
As the world's first hybrid metal 3D printer, the LUMEX Avance-25 gets you to market faster with a finished part produced in the correct molding resin and with production-like processes. The LUMEX Avance-25 is the key to true digital manufacturing, reduced cycle times, lower tooling costs, and simplified machine set up and part handling.

Product Details

The LUMEX Avance-25 metal laser sintering hybrid milling machine is a powder bed metal AM platform with subtractive machining capability. The machine combines selective laser sintering (SLS) along with high-speed milling (HSM) commonly called Hybrid AM.

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Quick Specs

Laser oscillator
Yb fiber laser
Laser Power?
400 Standard | 500 Option | 1000 Option
Max Work Size
mm (in)
W256×D256×H185 | W256×D256×H300 Option
Spindle Speed
45,000 Standard
Travel (x/y/z)
mm (in)
Feed Rate(X/Y/Z)
Download Full Technical Specs 
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