Utilize all 72 Hours in the Weekend

St. Paul, MN (February 12, 2021) — With Matsuura’s Advanced Manufacturing,  downtime and expensive labors costs are eliminated. Matsuura machines are engineered to run 72 hours unattended.

“Invest in automated 5-Axis and let the machine do the part changing for you,” Matsuura’s Vice President of Sales, David Hudson explained.

Matsuura introduced the MAM72 Series of 5-axis machine tools in 1995, featuring unattended palletized and fully automated pallet pool CNC machining production.

This Matsuura Advanced Manufacturing (MAM) series was instantly recognizable by the tower pallet pools integrated into the machine design.

“Load up the machine on Friday and come in Monday to finished parts, Hudson said.

Delivering long periods of reliable, unmanned operation, high accuracy, and exceptionally efficient production,, an optional Matrix type ATC is available with capacity for up to 520 tools to meet and support the growing demand for long periods of lights-out running.

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