At Matsuura We are One Team Providing Global Customer Support

At Matsuura, as a premium machine tool builder, our mission is to build high quality and dependable machines.  Our goal is to ensure our customers remain productive and have the highest uptime possible. Our service department at Matsuura Japan, and all the Matsuura subsidiaries work as one team to support your Matsuura machines and your business locally.

Our headquarters in Japan, together with subsidiaries in the USA, Canada, UK, and Germany, provide local service and support-as a fully integrated company sharing resources and access to spare parts.

We consider local service and support a top priority to keep our customers profitable. To provide a high level of service and support, Matsuura has in place a tight-knit global network of service professionals to provide our customers with after sales support.

Daily communication between offices ensures a more expedient solution to our customers with their service and support needs. Information from the field is continuously communicated back to the engineering department as a means of continuous improvement for existing and new model machines.

Matsuura holds internal meetings to further enhance communication between departments. Every two months, Matsuura schedules remote meetings with each global subsidiary to review local service issues.

Matsuura Japan has stationed factory-trained Japanese service engineers at each global subsidiary to provide training to the local service staff and to raise customer satisfaction.

With the factory support representation, other tools used to keep our local service technicians up to date with new service techniques include videos, manuals, and remote support shared through the global network.

The machine tool business is a relationship business. When our machine is installed, it is the beginning of many decades of our history. Our service department at Matsuura Japan and all the Matsuura subsidiaries work as one team to support your Matsuura machines and your business locally. We are committed to after sales support with our continuous improvement facilitating better service training and better systems to share information globally.

As the number of machines in the field increases, we also grow our service network capability and quality. Matsuura considers this as the most important aspect of our business when it comes to building customer relationships.

For nearly a century, Matsuura has provided manufacturing solutions and new technologies, while remaining true to our heritage. 

“My grandfather started the company in 1935, so I am third generation. This is a family business and we are very relationship oriented,” Katsutoshi Matsuura, President of Matsuura machinery Corporation said.

At Matsuura Machinery USA Inc., we continue to build upon and innovate within our organizational structure, enhancing production efficiency, and creating next-generation businesses.

Matsuura today produces a wide range of exceptional high-speed machining centers covering all industry sectors including: horizontals and verticals in all sizes, configured with 3 to 5 axis, single table, multi pallet systems, tool changers, our superb range of ultra-high speed linear motor machines and the Matsuura LUMEX Series which combines selective laser sintering (SLS) along with high speed milling (HSM) commonly called Hybrid AM.

Matsuura continues Matsuura Machinery’s longstanding tradition of creating lifelong partnerships with customers and assisting each one in discovering the best solution for their manufacturing processes.

He shares the same values as many Matsuura customers of hard work, determination and creativity, while at the same time he enjoys getting to know customers as individuals.

“Matsuura’s global customer base demands high speed, high accuracy and reliability from our products with technical, applications and service support that is second to none. Our dedication and commitment to the research and development of unique products incorporating the latest emerging technologies is the reason why we maintain our status as a technology leader,” said Matsuura Machinery USA President, Billy Bogue.

You can put your trust in our reliable service and support- it means everything to us. Matsuura’s mission is to support your business-the customer.

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