CUBLEX-35: Crafted with Process Integration & Productivity in Mind

Crafted with process integration and productivity in mind, the CUBLEX-35 makes building complex parts effortless. Turning, grinding, and cutting can all be accomplished with a single machine platform, 24/7.

Based on the platform of the MAM72-35V, the CUBLEX-35 performs simultaneous 5-axis machining/turning/grinding on one machine – the ultimate process integration.

“Multiple setups reduce accuracy and cost money,” said Douglas Burns, Regional Sales Manager.

“With 520 tools, 32 pallets, 20k rpm and endless possibilities, the Matsuura CUBLEX-35 5-Axis Multi-Tasking Machining Center is your answer,” Burns added.

With high precision 5-axis milling, and tail stock supported 3,000 rpm turning and grinding, the CUBLEX-35 can reduce set-ups, increase productivity and make your complex aerospace parts more profitable.

“Based on the platform of the MAM72-35V, the CUBLEX-35 performs simultaneous 5-axis milling/turning/grinding on one machine – the ultimate process integration,” Burns explained.

The CUBLEX-35 is designed for maximum efficiency. With turning, grinding, and cutting all in a single machine, the CUBLEX-35 can produce complex parts faster and with incredible accuracy. A large pallet and tool changer allow for automated 24/7 operation, so around the clock production is effortless.

“In this machining center, turning and grinding functions are combined with five-axis milling functions, while maintaining 100 percent milling performance,” Burns concluded.With expandable ATC and APC options and the extensive process integration capabilities of the CUBLEX-35, high-speed, high-accuracy machining is possible, together with extended unmanned operation.

Watch the video above and learn from Matsuura Machinery’s Yuki Kurata as he explains the unique competitiveness of multi-tasking machines in only 6 minutes.

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