Making a Custom Part on the Matsuura CUBLEX-35

As part of Matsuura Machinery’s Application Engineering training, the team machined a custom part for Matsuura President, Katsutoshi Matsuura’s car. This part was machined on the CUBLEX-35 Multitasking machine tool using the material SUS303. Watch the video by clicking the image above or HERE.

The Matsuura CUBLEX-35 Multitasking machine tool performs simultaneous 5-axis machining/turning/grinding on one machine – and is the ultimate in process integration. The CUBLEX series enables high precision machining in unmanned operation, while providing cost reduction and one-chucking operation and eliminating errors from multiple setups.

The Matsuura CUBLEX Series offers the ultimate level of process integration from milling, turning and grinding on one machine.  The new possibility of “production” begins with the CUBLEX series.

At Matsuura, as a premium machine tool builder, our mission is to build high quality and dependable machines.  Our goal is to ensure our customers remain productive and have the highest uptime possible.

We consider local service and support a top priority to keep our customers profitable. To provide a high level of service and support, Matsuura has in place a tight-knit global network of service professionals to provide our customers with after sales support.

Our headquarters in Japan, together with subsidiaries in the USA, Canada, UK, and Germany, provide local service and support-as a fully integrated company sharing resources and access to spare parts.

You can put your trust in our reliable service and support- it means everything to us. Matsuura’s mission is to support your business-the customer.

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Watch as Matsuura Machinery’s Yuki Kurata explains the unique competitiveness of multi-tasking machines. 

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