A message of gratitude from Craig St. John, President of Matsuura USA:

As 2020 draws to a close, we look back and reflect on what an unconventional year it has been — from major challenges to new innovative practices. This year has challenged our world, communities, families, and the industry in ways we could never have imagined.

Getting through such times as these allows us to see the strengths that we always had in reserve. The necessity to innovate has never been more imperative. Like so many of you, we made significant changes to quickly adapt to this “new normal.”

At Matsuura, we are proud of the hard work our team and our distributor partners put in to ensure that we consistently deliver high quality customer service. During this period of great disruption, we were able to deploy Matsuura’s unrivalled service, support, and training.

I hope that you have a healthy, safe, and peaceful end to this challenging year.  Many things are pointing in a positive direction in the coming year. We are excited to turn the page, and hopeful for what 2021 will bring.


Craig St. John,

President of Matsuura USA