1935: The Matsuura factory was first founded in Fukui city. Production and distribution of lathes began.

1957: Production and distribution of milling machines began.

1960: The Matsuura Machinery Corporation was established.

1961: Production and distribution of electric program-automatically-controlled milling machines began.

1964: Production and distribution of automatic numerically controlled milling machines began.

1968: The head office of the Matsuura Machinery Corporation was moved to the present address.

1972: Production and distribution of automatic numerically controlled drilling machines began.

1974: Production and distribution of vertical machining centers began.
Developed the MC-750V.

1975: The vertical machining centers were first exported to U.S.A.

1981: Production and distribution of ultra-high-speed machining centers and twin-spindle vertical machining centers began.

1983: Production and distribution of horizontal machining centers began.

1985: The Takefu Factory (IMN Co., Ltd.) was opened.

1986: Developed the FX-5, a machining center featuring high-speed spindle. Ahead of competitors, Matsuura successfully produced a machine for high-speed machining of even difficult-to-cut materials.

1991: Developed the MAM72-S40, a 5-axis machining center for unmanned operation. Developed with just-in-time manufacturing as its concept, this 5-axis machine is capable of 72 consecutive hours of unmanned operation.

1993: The total number of shipped machining centers reached 10,000.

1994: The ISO 9001 certification (Quality Management System) was obtained.

1998: Developed the LX-1, a Linear-motor-drive machining center. With all axes equipped with a linear motor, this machine is capable of both high-speed and high-precision machining.

The ISO 14001 certification (Environment Management System) was obtained.

2000: The OHSAS 18001 certification (Occupational Health and Safety Management System) was obtained.

2001: The total number of shipped machining centers reached 15,000.

2002: The MMTS Corporation was established in U.S.A.
Development of the metal laser sintering hybrid milling machine began.

2003: Production and distribution of metal laser sintering hybrid-milling machines began.

“Best Technical Award” is granted to the SB-I model by the “Association to recognize historic valuable machine in Japan” in the 5th meeting.

2004: The metal laser sintering hybrid milling machine ‘M-PHOTON 25C’ won the 33rd Japan Industrial Technology Grand Prize and the prize from the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.

Developed the LUMEX 25C, a Hybrid Metal 3D Printer that combines metal laser sintering and a machining center for high-speed, high-precision milling.

2005: 5-Axis Vertical Machining Center “MAM72-63V” won the 35th “Machine Design Award.”

2006: Nominated for “The best 300 small & medium manufacturing enterprise” who leads Japanese industry, by Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.
5-Axis Multi-Tasking Machining Center “CUBLEX-25” won the 36th “Machine Design Award.”

2007: Announcement of as a new common product logo.
“LUMEX Avance-25” won the 37th “Machine Design Award.”

2008: Horizontal Machining Centers “H.Plus-300” won the 38th “Machine Design Award.”

2009: Developed the 5-Axis Multi-Tasking Machining Center “CUBLEX-63.”

2010: Developed the 5-Axis Vertical Machining Center “MX-520.”
Developing 5-Axis Horizontal Machining Center “MAM72-100H.”

2011: Four Linear Motor Series were released including LX-160, LF-160, LV-500 and LS-160.

2012: Developed the Vertical Machining Centers “VX-1000/ VX-1500.”

2013: Developed the 5-Axis Vertical Machining Center “MX-850.”

Matsuura Machinery USA Inc. was established in US

2014: Participated in the National Metal 3D Printer Project of the Technology Research Association for Future Additive Manufacturing (TRAFAM) implemented by METI.

2015: Developed Horizontal Machining Centers “H.Plus-400/ H.Plus-500.”

The total number of shipped machining centers reached 20,000.

Received the 2nd Taguchi Award from the Robust Quality Engineering Society.

2016: Developed the hybrid metal 3D printer “LUMEX Avance-60.”

LUMEX Avance-60-Hybrid Metal 3D Printer
Capable of larger sizes and faster speeds, this next-generation hybrid metal 3D printer is also equipped with an automatic powder supply, collection-and-reuse system.

Developed the 5-Axis Vertical Machining Center “MX-330.”

2017: Developed the Vertical Machining Center “VX-660.”

2018: Developed the 5-Axis Vertical/Horizontal Machining Center “MAM72-70V.”

2019: Merged with IMN Co., Ltd.

2020: Developed the MAM72-52V 5-axis Vertical Machining Center.