LX-160: Fast and Accurate Linear Motors

Watch as Elliott Matsuura’s Terry Beckwith explains the features and capabilities of the LX-160 Linear Motor Machine.

The Matsuura LX-160 High Speed Linear Motor Machine is the ultimate 5-axis vertical machine equipped with fast and accurate linear motors in all axes for machining with high-speed and high-precision. The Matsuura LX-160 is ideal for the medical and aerospace industries with exceptionally fast cutting and micro tools up to 46,000 RPM.

“The Matsuura LX-160 Machining Center is the ultimate Five-Axis Vertical Machine.  It utilizes technology permitting high-speed and high-precision machining,” said David Hudson, Matsuura’s VP of Sales & Marketing.

“These 5-axis linear motor machines are truly unique machines in the industry.  Extremely compact, accurate, and well suited for medical parts, small aerospace parts, molds, and any other small complex parts,” Hudson continued.

A distinct aspect of the LX-160 is its ability to machine any part fitting into a 9” by 6.3” cylinder.  Matsuura Machinery USA has models with large tool changers and pallet pools in stock and available NOW. Additional machines in stock include: optional 2 or 42 pallets, 52 to 338 tools, and enormous part capacity of 45 lbs.

To learn more about Matsuura’s high-speed, high-precision linear motor machining, please visit: https://www.matsuurausa.com/series/linear-motor-series/