Hannover, Germany—(August 18, 2017) —The Matsuura MX-520 5-Axis Vertical Machining Center with the 4 pallet changer will debut September 18-23, 2017 at the Hannover Fairground in Germany, Hall 27, Stand E55. 

EMO Hannover is organized by the German Machine Tool Builders’ Association (VDW) on behalf of the European Association of the Machine Tool Industries (Cecimo). EMO Hannover is the leading trade fair of the sector, presenting an unequalled width and depth of products and services throughout all production areas, from the nucleus machine tool, to precision tools, to linking devices and industrial electronics.

The MX-520 PC4, a four-pallet automated version of the MX-520 single table 5-axis Vertical Machining Center model.

The MX-520 PC4 5-Axis Vertical Machining Center was designed in response to customer demand seeking a Matsuura automation solution for the MX-520 5-Axis Vertical Machining Center.

The MX-520 PC4 is equipped with 90 tools and an installed Universal Robot Interface to maximize the automation potential of this much-anticipated addition to Matsuura’s 5-axis range.

With globalization and rapid advances in technology, today’s manufacturing environment is increasingly competitive. Along with manufacturers desire for cost reductions, the necessity for reliable, accurate and automated machining continues to grow.

Matsuura’s global customer base demands high speed, high accuracy and reliability with unrivaled technical, applications and service support. Matsuura’s dedication and commitment to the research and development of unique products incorporating the latest emerging technologies is the foundation of the company’s status as a technology leader.

“Offering ease of use and reliable 5-axis machining, the MX series delivers dynamic machining versatility, high accuracy, reliability and excellent cost-efficient performance,” said a Matsuura Machinery USA, Inc. Spokesperson.

The Matsuura MX-520 maintains high rigidity, as well as, a generous machining envelope with excellent operability. The MX-520 also offers an assortment of configurations, which are ideal for all applications, all industries and all materials.

Matsuura’s MX-520 5-Axis Vertical Machining Center provides a simple, effortless and cost-effective transition for 3-Axis users making the transition to full 5-Axis operation. Designed with a RAM type structure, the MX-520 has a compact footprint with outstanding ergonomic design, allowing rapid set-up and processing of complex parts.

CAMplete TruePath software – an integrated suite of G-code editing, optimization, analysis, and verification tools is standard on every Matsuura MX-520. 

“As one leading Japanese manufacturer of high-quality machining centers, Matsuura is bringing three highly promising product innovations to EMO Hannover 2017 to showcase them to an international audience,” said an EMO Hannover 2017 Spokesperson.

“Matsuura customers have frequently asked for a multi-pallet magazine for the popular 5-axis vertical machining centers in the MX series. This demand has now been met, following the launch of the MX-330 with a pallet magazine that holds up to 10 pallets and changes made to the proven MX-520, which is now available with a 4-pallet magazine and a 90-tool capacity. At EMO Hannover 2017, Matsuura engineers are also promoting additional upgrades, such as an increase in the capacity of the spiral chip conveyor, the new design of the work enclosure, the new iHMI NC control unit and the increased torque of 187 newton meters on the 12,000 spindle,” the EMO Hannover 2017 Spokesperson added.

Matsuura will exhibit four models at EMO 2017. In addition to the MX-520 PC4, Matsuura will also showcase: the MX-330 5-Axis Vertical Machining Center with 10 pallets; the Matsuura LUMEX Avance 25; and the new VX-660. (More details to come on the new models).

Matsuura Machinery USA, Inc., located in St. Paul, MN is the U.S. subsidiary of Matsuura Machinery Corporation in Japan. Since 1935, Matsuura has delivered unmatched excellence in high speed and high precision CNC machine tools. From full 5-axis, vertical, horizontal, linear motor or multi-tasking CNC machine tools, Matsuura has been the forerunner in designing innovative technology and manufacturing solutions to a variety of industries around the globe. Matsuura Machinery USA, Inc. provides the service, applications, and technical field support that have always been the Matsuura standard for business.

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