Why MATSUURA? Unmanned Weekend Machining


Matsuura’s original automation and unmanned running systems provide solutions for organizations facing labor shortages by utilizing working hours effectively. With the deficiency in skilled labor to operate CNC Machines, automation provides the potential for expanding production and increasing profit while decreasing employment costs.

Matsuura’s customers often run the high-mix, low-volume components which require more engineering and set-up during the business day. Then, they change over to the unmanned production, where the pallets in the system run all night.

Many companies claim that you can run three shifts, but with Matsuura you really can. Watch this video from Matsuura UK customer, Wayne Richardson of A & G Precision & Sons Ltd; “We open all weekend – with no staff. This machine has turned our business on its head.”  (Video produced and shared by Matsuura Machinery Ltd.).

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