St. Paul, MN — (March 26, 2019) Matsuura USA will feature two H.Plus Series Machines, the H.Plus-504 and the H.Plus-630 Horizontal Machining Centers, at the IMAGINE.CREATE.INNOVATE Open House at their St. Paul, MN facility April 23-24, 2019 – 10 am to 4 pm.

The H.Plus-504 Horizontal Machining Center is equipped with 500-by-500-mm pallet and #40-taper spindle. In response to customer and market demand for the accommodation of larger workpieces, the H.Plus-504 possesses the largest working envelope in its class and can handle a maximum workpiece size of D800 mm x H1,000 mm, weighing 750kg on each pallet.

In addition to the standard 12,000 min-1 spindle, a 20,000 min-1 (108.4 Nm) for high speed machining and 15,000 min-1 (350.0 Nm) for high-torque, heavy-duty machining are available.

Matsuura will demonstrate the H.Plus 504’s capabilities cutting steel Ball Rollers with the help of hyperMILL.

The Matsuura H.Plus-504 Horizontal Machining Center was designed for automatic production of any type of work piece and providing high precision, high cutting performance and exceptional surface finish.

A rotary indexing table (B axis) is provided as a standard feature, which is driven with a direct drive motor with a maximum feed rate of 100 min-1. In addition, Matsuura’s DCS (Dynamic Clamp System) and ADC (Automatic Acceleration and Deceleration Control) intelligently contribute to a shorter cycle and indexing time.

The expandable ATC/APC options enable extended unmanned operation: Tool storage capacity with a maximum of 330 tools (matrix type magazine) and pallet storage capacity with a maximum of 6 pallets (floor pallet system).

The H.Plus-630 High Performance Machining Center designed for hard metal cutting with a standard 12K spindle offering 451N·m of torque. This rugged, high-speed precision horizontal machining center offers maximum versatility and productivity.

Matsuura will demonstrate the H.Plus 630’s capabilities cutting steel Housing with the help of GibbsCAM.

Delivering long periods of reliable, unmanned operation, high accuracy, and exceptionally efficient production, the H.Plus-630 Horizontal Machining Center offers high rigidity, high speed with a compact footprint.

The H.Plus-630 features a 700N·m High Torque Spindle and features solid, robust rigidity for highly accurate hard metal cutting. The machine allows cutting on all five sides in one operation. The H.Plus-630 can achieve high-accuracy complex 5-Axis machining for unmanned operation. It encompasses superior construction, premium components, and meticulous attention to detail, including hand scraping of mating surfaces.        

Matsuura will debut the company’s latest machines, the MAM72-70V, a high speed, large capacity 5-axis vertical machining center and the MX-850 PC4, an automated version of the large capacity 5-axis vertical machining center. Matsuura Machinery USA will also showcase the following machines at the Open House:

  • CUBLEX-35 5-Axis Multi-Tasking Machining Center with turning and grinding capability equipped with a 32 Pallet Tower and a 320 Tool Matrix Magazine
  • LF-160 Linear Motor Machine for high-speed and high-precision machining of smaller workpieces employing linear motor technology
  • MX-330 5-Axis Vertical Machining Center configured with 10 pallets and 90 tools
  • MX-520 PC4 5-Axis Vertical Machining Center, outfitted with 90 tools, a 4 pallet changer and equipped a Matsuura MAXIA 12K rpm high-torque spindle
  • Matsuura LUMEX Avance-25 Metal Laser Sintering Hybrid Milling Machine
  • Matsuura LUMEX Avance-60 Metal Laser Sintering Hybrid Milling Machine

Invest in yourself and your company–attend Informative Technology Seminars: We have partnered with the best in the industry to deliver technology seminars and discover engineering solutions for your manufacturing challenges.

CAMplete Solutions Inc. will show how you can transition from 3 to 5-axis in a simple, effortless and cost-effective manner.

hyperMILL & Fraisa USA will present an informative seminar on Barrel Cutting: Learn how metal removal rates and surface finishes can be dramatically improved using new barrel tools (Circle Segment Cutters).

Raptor Workholding Products will explain how to machine multiple parts with one workholding solution.

Sandvik Coromant will present two sessions: 1) Manufacturing Economics & 2) High Speed Milling

PQI will explain how to manage in-process inspection & CMM Inspection.

Matsuura USA will present:
WHY 5?
Transitioning Into 5-Axis
Matsuura Simple Automation
Matsuura Advanced Manufacturing

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Matsuura Machinery USA, Inc., located in St. Paul, MN is the U.S. subsidiary of Matsuura Machinery Corporation in Japan. Since 1935, Matsuura has been the forerunner in designing innovative technology and manufacturing solutions to a variety of industries around the globe. Matsuura Machinery USA, Inc. delivers unmatched excellence in 5-axis, vertical, horizontal, linear motor, multi-tasking CNC machine tools and machines with a powder bed metal AM platform with machining capability. Matsuura Machinery USA, Inc. provides the service, applications and technical field support that have always been the Matsuura standard for business. For more information on Matsuura products, contact: [email protected] or visit: