Matsuura’s original automation and unmanned running systems provide solutions for organizations facing labor shortages by utilizing working hours effectively.

St. Paul, MN (December 13, 2019) — According to Modern Machine Shop’s Mark Albert, conversations with several machine tool suppliers brought to his attention the growing tendency of a few machine buyers to act on a “good enough” mentality. The concern behind these remarks is that this thinking focuses too much on price instead of value. This tendency, it seems, is particularly noticeable among job shop buyers, for whom it may be especially harmful.

Some buyers to settle for that “good enough” machine. This can be a mistake. One danger is that a machine good enough for now will not be good enough for long. The job shop, for example, may find that it can’t quote when an existing customer comes with a job involving bigger, heavier or more complex workpieces, or it needs tighter tolerances, faster turnaround or special capabilities. The shop may find it can’t go after work in a different market or quote on jobs that it could grow into.

Will the “good enough” machine have a toolchanger that can accommodate additional tools and spares? Will it have enough axis travel for workpieces in the next size range? Does it have options for multi-axis simultaneous machining? What options for automation have been provided?

Matsuura’s original automation and unmanned running systems provide solutions for organizations facing labor shortages by utilizing working hours effectively. With the deficiency in skilled labor to operate CNC Machines, automation provides the potential for expanding production and increasing profit while decreasing employment costs.

Matsuura’s systems can be installed as an option for Matsuura’s 3-axis/5-axis machining centers to automate tool changes and pallet changes using programs, drastically improving the productivity.

Installing ATC tool magazines and APC pallet systems as options with Matsuura 5-axis machining centers allows the machines to automatically continue production without human intervention, even during the night.

Few machine tool builders have perfected this type of automation and the shops incorporating the technology have tremendous competitive advantages.  Matsuura’s line of MAM72 models fit this application perfectly.  MAM stands for Matsuura Automated Manufacturing and 72 is the hours in a weekend.  The machines are built from the ground up to run unattended.

Another way to effectively achieve automation is to combine operations.  Machining 5 sides of a part along with angled holes and surfaces is essentially automation compared with flip flopping the same part through six or more separate operations.

This approach to reducing set-up time, reducing labor content and combining of operations does not need to be expensive, nor time intensive to implement. 5-axis machines today are simpler, less expensive, and easier to program than in years past.

Investing in this level of automation allows shops to stay globally competitive.

Matsuura’s customers often run the high-mix, low-volume components which require more engineering and set-up during the business day. Then, they change over to the unmanned production, where the pallets in the system run all night.

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