Matsuura’s Leo Erler Explains Why Customers Continue to Invest in the MAM72 Series

Leo Erler, Matsuura’s Applications Engineering Coordinator, discusses the MAM72 Series and the benefits of the MAM72-52V at IMTS 2022.

Designed from the ground up and based upon 30+ years of multi-pallet automation innovation and excellence, Matsuura’s MAM72-52V PC15 is a high speed, large capacity 5-axis vertical machining center that provides efficiency in cost-sensitive, high-volume markets.

Matsuura’s MAM72-52V PC15 is a “factory in one machine” that enables variable-part/variable-production and extended unmanned operation. Equipped with 130 tools on a 330-tool magazine base, proven tower pallet system (PC15), and chip removal system as standard for extended lights out manufacturing. The MAM72-52V PC15 is ergonomically designed to offer end users faster response times to market and deliver high productivity to meet customers’ growing business requirements for ever faster cycle times, proven unmanned running, and dynamic cost down performance.

For more information on the MAM72-52V, please visit: or contact Matsuura at: [email protected].



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