St. Paul, MN (March 3, 2021) —Matsuura Machinery’s General Manager, DX Promotion Office, Yuto Matsuura, recently shared how Matsuura’s skilled artisans invest the greatest attention to detail, ensuring Matsuura machines have reliable accuracy and longevity.

At Matsuura, we have two factories where we produce our high-quality machines. Large machines and prototype machines are built in the headquarters. Small and mid-size machines are assembled? in our Takefu factory. Both factories are in the Fukui prefecture.

There are manufacturing companies who have their factories in countries where labor costs are low. However, in such countries, human resource mobility is high, and the craftsmanship cannot be passed on. This is essential  in building Matsuura’s premium machine tools.

Fukui, rich in nature, also has many hard-working residents. Thanks to this culture, our traditional craftsmanship is a core technology of our manufacturing today.

Craftsmanship is a key to extended unmanned operation and high accuracy.

“Parts that should be installed straight are to be done as straight as possible and that should be perpendicular are to be done as perpendicular as possible.” This is our manufacturing motto. For instance, our straightness on a linear guide is within 2 microns full stroke.

If we use the function of the controller, positional compensation is easily done by software. However, unless mechanical straightness is assured, every machine move causes a stress on the machine. Eventually, the accuracy cannot be maintained.

Skilled artisans invest the greatest attention to detail, ensuring Matsuura machines have reliable accuracy and longevity.

In addition, we do hand scraping to the contact surfaces for manual adjustment.

For example, we tilt the column slightly backwards. When we position a head to the column, the column leans forward due to the weight. However, this deformation is canceled by the careful offset we make. To achieve this mechanical flatness, we hand scrape every necessary component one by one.

We can also see our craftsmanship in spindle assembly  in the class 1,000 clean room, where original Matsuura spindles are built.

When we construct spindles, it is very important to fit the tolerance of bearings. In micron scale, there is no identical component in terms of tolerance.

To deal with this subtle difference, we carefully measure tolerance of every single bearing and shaft. Based on many years of know-how, we select the precise match so that the assembled spindle has the best accuracy.

With greatest attention to detail, our machines are assembled and carefully inspected. We do the actual test cuts on the ordered machine upon the customer’s visit. We cut the test piece, and show the result of inspection right away.

We can proudly do this because we are confident in our professional manufacturing.

The final accuracy depends on our attention to detail. Our unmatched commitment to manufacturing facilitates extended unmanned operation with high precision.

This brief video is only a small portion of our assembly factory.

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