Meet Santana Smith, Matsuura’s Parts Manager

Welcome to our employee spotlight series, featuring profiles on Matsuura team members. Get to know Matsuura’s Parts Manager, Santana Smith:

How long have you worked with Matsuura and what does your job entail? I was hired April 2013. Every day is different but also a little of the same. For example, I send many emails responding to customer inquiries for needed parts and also follow up on emails with Japan about retrofits or order status. This involves a lot of research through parts prints, electrical prints, and machine manuals as well as monitoring and ordering stock parts for CNC and the LUMEX machines. Additionally, I work with our service staff to ensure we have the correct items ordered and get orders entered and shipped in a timely manner.

What is a memorable moment at Matsuura? I was hired as a warehouse order picker/shipper. I helped to organize and setup our current warehouse but through some changes that year, I was promoted to Parts Coordinator within 8 months of being hired. The transition was a difficult one at first, but there are so many things I have learned since which are too numerous to list.

What is a career lesson you have learned thus far? Be prepared for anything! Some days are nice and easygoing, others are hectic and stressful; either way at the end of the day you can only do your best. I feel like my time at Matsuura has taught me to not sweat the little things quite so much, but also not to forget them. Next is always have a finger on the pulse of the big picture. Lastly, your teammates/fellow employees are a great source of knowledge and information. Do not ever forget that!

What is your favorite part of your role at Matsuura? My favorite part is solving people’s problems by having and/or getting the necessary items in the quickest manner possible. I love getting that phone call or email from a distributor or customer thanking us for taking care of their needs.

What would you do (for a career) if you weren’t Matsuura’s Parts Manager? This is a tough question…I have done many different things in my life…..I guess, I would likely have a food truck or restaurant, as I enjoy food and cooking.

What do you do when not at Matsuura? I like to ski, camp, play video games, watch movies, or just relax on a deck or patio with friends and family. My fiancé and I enjoy traveling and seeing different places together as well.

What is a fun fact many people do not know about you? I used to brew my own beer for a few years as a hobby. Also, I have never been outside of the US – I JUST got my passport last year (2020) and hope to be able to use it soon.

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