Franklin Park, IL (April 29, 2016) — Mr. Katsutoshi Matsuura, President of Matsuura Machinery Corporation recently toured Robert C. Weisheit Company in Franklin Park, IL.

The Robert C. Weisheit Company was founded in 1946 and manufactures components made from difficult to machine materials, often consisting of complex geometries. The company is the low risk choice for their customers’ most critical requirements.

Matsuura enjoys meeting with customers to learn more about their businesses and manufacturing challenges.  He is committed to their success.

“We at Matsuura Machinery USA and our extensive distributor network share Katsu’s passion and dedication to Matsuura customers. We are thankful to our customers for their dedication to Matsuura and to our distributor partners who help us make our goals possible,” said a Matsuura Machinery USA Spokesperson.

A long-time Matsuura customer, Robert C. Weisheit Company purchased its first Matsuura machine tool in 1986.

“Our Matsuura machining centers are the ultimate combination of precision and rigidity. These capabilities allow us to produce parts with complex geometries in fewer operations, thereby improving positional and dimensional accuracy,” said Robert C. Weisheit, President of the company.

The company is maximizing Matsuura’s flexibility and automation capabilities, including the multi-pallet systems the Matsuura MAM72-35V provides.

“During the day we run the high-mix, low-volume components which require more engineering and set-up. But, then we switch over to the unmanned production, where the pallets in the system run all night. Some companies promote that you can run three shifts, and it sounds good, but with Matsuuras you can,” Weisheit added.

Weisheit has been pleased with the service provided by local distributor, Yamazen, Inc.

“When we had the MAM72-35 installed by Yamazen, it was expedient with very minor problems, which the distributor took care of right away,” Weisheit said.

“We continue to purchase Matsuuras primarily because of their high-accuracy and dependability. We bought our first Matsuura almost 30 years ago and it is still in service today.  Matsuuras hold their ability year after year. We like our machines to last and we take care of them,” Weisheit said.

Weisheit often recommends Matsuura premium machine tools to others.

“Everyone knows that Matsuuras are a little more expensive, but when you compare to other brands, Matsuuras are worth the money.  They are dependable and they hold their accuracy year after year,” Weisheit concluded.

(Mr. Weisheit is pictured with Matsuura Machinery USA President, Craig St.John and Matsuura Machinery Corporation President, Katsutoshi Matsuura).

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