St. Paul, MN (November 19, 2018) — Matsuura Machinery USA is offering end-of-year sales opportunities on the H.Plus Horizontal Machining Centers.

Matsuuras’ H.Plus horizontal machining centers are highly productive machine tools with high speed, rigidity, precision, reliability and low cost of ownership. The series delivers long periods of reliable, unmanned operation, high accuracy and exceptionally efficient production.

Since the series’ debut in 2000, more than 2,000 Matsuura H.Plus machining centers have been installed worldwide in various industries, including: aerospace, aircraft, automobile, medical and precision subcontractors.


The H.Plus-300 Horizontal Machining Center is the most compact HMC available and offers high-speed, high-precision and efficient production. Travels and part capacity are equal to typical 400 mm horizontals, while only utilizing 70% of the space. These machines are consistently known for high-accuracy in a variety of conditions with Thermal Compensation standard.

“One of the more exciting features of the H.Plus-300 horizontal machining center is it has a very small footprint, offering a saving on floor space of more than 15% when compared to the standard twin pallet machine” said David Hudson, Vice President of Sales & Marketing.

Basic H.Plus-300 models include 60 tools and 15K RPM. These machines are ideal for castings, investment castings and high volume work. Matsuura also has models with 20K Spindles and ATC’s up to 330 Tools in stock. Some are equipped with optional 15,000 or 20,000 RPM spindle and a 2 pallet system with available expansion up to 15 pallets.  Machines offer 60-240 tools, maximum work piece size of 20.86’’ diameter X 29.92” and part weight capacity of 551 lbs


The H.Plus-400 is equipped with a #40 taper spindle, 400×400 mm pallet and standard 15,000 RPM spindle. An optional 20,000 RPM spindle is available.

A high-speed direct drive rotary table is an option on the H.Plus-400.  This rotary table attains a maximum feed rate of 100 revolutions per minute. Indexing time of the 4th axis can be reduced 40% using Matsuura’s unique Dynamic Clamp System, along with, the new Automatic Acceleration and Deceleration Control.


The Matsuura H.Plus-405 possesses increased size and capacity, offering a pallet size of 500 x 500 mm (19.69 x 19.69 in.).  Fast and precise, the Matsuura H.Plus-405 is a large-capacity horizontal machining center for high-speed milling and contouring and versatility to handle a wide range of production requirements.

The H.Plus-405 provides a cost effective horizontal solution for components of 700 x H850mm (27.55 x H33.46 in.). As with all other models in the H.Plus Series, tool and pallet storage options can be easily expanded upon. These options can be retrofitted in the field, with minimum machine downtime.

The H.Plus-405 is widely used in aerospace, automotive and is a popular investment with precision subcontractors where versatility and capability are paramount.

The H.Plus-405 comes standard with a 12,000 rpm BT40 taper spindle that delivers high torque at low speeds and 30 HP (direct drive) at high speeds. Its high helical rigidity virtually eliminates backlash. Optional 20,000 rpm and 30,000 rpm spindles, coolant-through spindle, and high-pressure coolant systems with temperature controllers are also available.

User-friendly Matsuura NC software features an intuitive visual interface that makes the H.Plus-405 easy to program and operate. Three-dimensional graphic display is available for real-time, on-screen workpiece simulation.

Performance features of the H.Plus-405 include low noise and low vibration. The cast-iron bed has substantial ribbing and thick outer walls, forming a highly rigid base that is stabilized by a 5-point leveling system. All axes are equipped with telescopic, pantographic-type guards. The rigid, twin-walled column is thermally symmetric. To prevent the accumulation of swarf/chips inside the machine, the telescopic Z-axis cover has a steep slope; chips fall into gutters and are removed by coolant flow.


The H.Plus-500 machine boasts a #50 spindle taper, 500×500 mm pallet and standard spindle of 12,000 revolutions per minute. An optional 15,000 revolutions per minute spindle is available for applications ranging from high-speed aluminum machining to hard-to-cut material machining.

A high-speed direct drive rotary table is provided standard on the H.Plus-500.  This rotary table attains a maximum feed rate of 100 revolutions per minute. Along with Matsuura’s unique DCS (Dynamic Clamp System) and new ADC (Automatic Acceleration and Deceleration Control), the indexing and machining time can be reduced drastically to ensure high productivity.

In addition, Thermal Meister (spindle/feed/environmental thermal displacement compensation system) is provided as a standard feature on both the H.Plus-500 and H.Plus-400 machining centers.

The operator assisting software available on both machines, MIMS (Matsuura Intelligent Meister System), features fault diagnosis and program analysis functions which assist with setup, machining and maintenance while saving on labor and energy.

“Matsuura provides many solutions that increase production, minimize cost, increase quality and reduce set-up and lead times, which will make your organization more competitive,” Hudson added.


The H.Plus-504 is equipped with 500-by-500-mm pallet and #40-taper spindle. In response to customer and market demand for the accommodation of larger workpieces, the H.Plus-504 possesses the largest working envelope in its class and will handle a maximum workpiece size of D800 mm x H1,000 mm, weighing 750kg on each pallet.

In addition to the standard 12,000 min-1 spindle, a 20,000 min-1 (108.4 Nm) for high speed machining and 15,000 min-1 (350.0 Nm) for high-torque, heavy-duty machining are available.

A rotary indexing table (B axis) is provided as a standard feature, which is driven with a direct drive motor with a maximum feed rate of 100 min-1. In addition, Matsuura’s DCS (Dynamic Clamp System) and ADC (Automatic Acceleration and Deceleration Control) intelligently contribute to a shorter cycle and indexing time.

The expandable ATC/APC options enable extended unmanned operation: Tool storage capacity with a maximum of 330 tools (matrix type magazine) and pallet storage capacity with a maximum of 6 pallets (floor pallet system).

The NC Matsuura G-Tech 31i is installed with MIMS: Matsuura Intelligent Meister System and utilizes a recently developed operation system (with a 15-inch touch panel screen), which improves operability, reduces non-cutting time and facilitates setup, operation and maintenance while saving labor and energy.


The recently redesigned Matsuura H.Plus-630 Horizontal Machining Center is a rugged, high-speed precision horizontal machining center offering maximum versatility and productivity. Delivering long periods of reliable, unmanned operation, high accuracy, and exceptionally efficient production, the H.Plus-630 Horizontal Machining Center offers high rigidity, high speed with a compact footprint.

“The Matsuura H.Plus-630 has been redesigned from the ground up.  It is perfect for your most arduous machining environment. The extraordinary H.Plus-630 is the robust horizontal solution for large and complex components,” Hudson said.

The H.Plus-630 features a 700N·m High Torque Spindle and features solid, robust rigidity for highly accurate hard metal cutting. The machine allows cutting on all five sides in one operation. The H.Plus-630 can achieve high-accuracy complex 5-Axis machining for unmanned operation. It encompasses superior construction, premium components, and meticulous attention to detail, including hand scraping of mating surfaces.

The H.Plus-630 Horizontal Machining Center is a rugged, high-speed precision  machine that delivers long periods of reliable, unmanned operation, high-accuracy, high-rigidity and efficient production in a compact footprint.

Machines are available that include 2 pallet systems with optional expansion to 6 pallets, 120-240 tools, maximum work piece size of 41.33’’ diameter X 43.89” and part weight capacity of 2,640 lb.

“These heavy duty machines have a 40” X 40” X 36” travel, a high torque spindle and axis motors built for rapid heavy metal removal. The H.Plus-630 is fast and remarkably accurate under all conditions utilizing a full 4th axis Direct Drive Motor. Models are in stock with 150 and 240 Tools, and optional 10,000 or 12,000 RPM dual contact spindle” Hudson explained.

“All models in the H.Plus Series offer numerous tool and pallet storage options, which can be easily expanded upon. These options can be retrofitted in the field, with minimum machine downtime,” Hudson concluded.

Matsuura’s machine tools provide the most advanced machining technology available today. For machine shops to gain a competitive advantage, they must manufacture higher quality parts faster, more efficiently and at a lower cost. Invest in advanced technology to gain a competitive advantage and enhance profits.

Matsuura Machinery USA, Inc., located in St. Paul, MN is the U.S. subsidiary of Matsuura Machinery Corporation in Japan. Since 1935, Matsuura has been the forerunner in designing innovative technology and manufacturing solutions to a variety of industries around the globe. Matsuura Machinery USA, Inc. delivers unmatched excellence in 5-axis, vertical, horizontal, linear motor, multi-tasking CNC machine tools and machines with a powder bed metal AM platform with machining capability. Matsuura Machinery USA, Inc. provides the service, applications and technical field support that have always been the Matsuura standard for business.

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