St. Paul, MN (June 2, 2017) — Looking back over three decades, Brian O’Rell, President and Owner of Vanderhorst Brothers, Inc., located in Simi Valley, CA, would like to have owned Matsuura precision machine tools from the very beginning of his career.

“I really wish I had found Matsuura much earlier.  I couldn’t be happier with my Matsuura machines,” O’Rell said.

O’Rell began his machining career as a teenager.  At age 19, he made two of his most significant and rewarding decisions.  First, he married his wife, Juno, and he discovered his passion for the precision machining industry. 

A native of California, O’Rell was born in Glendale and grew up in Burbank.  Through the early years, he enjoyed woodworking and baseball.  But, once he discovered precision machining, he found his excitement and enthusiasm in creating new parts and developing advanced and innovative technology.

In 1983, after years of sharpening and perfecting his talents in machine shops, and operating his own company, O’Rell Engineering, he joined Vanderhorst Brothers,

Inc.  O’Rell was impressed by Ed and Hank Vanderhorst, the company’s founding owners, and their business philosophy of quality, integrity and personal service.

After working for the Vanderhorst Brothers for 18 years, O’Rell and his wife purchased the shop in 2000.  Today the company boasts a 22,000 sq. ft. facility located in the heart of Simi Valley. O’Rell is pleased that his family has joined him in his enthusiasm for precision machining.  With wife, Juno as Controller, his son Bob is the company’s 5-Axis programmer, daughter Bridget is in inspection, and even the family’s beloved dog, Molly, serves as the greeter at the company’s front door. 

O’Rell spent many years unaware of Matsuura capabilities, and how it could revolutionize his business. In 2007, he had recently spent almost $2 million on a competitor’s machines.

“I was supposed to get a 5-Axis Rotary Table to run 5-Axis parts, and the company told me at the last minute they couldn’t do it,” O’Rell explained.

Once the door was open, Bill Selway, President of Selway Machine Tool, convinced O’Rell to travel to Northern California to observe Matsuura machines in action. 

“This guy came out of his shop to greet us in flip flops and Bermuda shorts, and he was so relaxed.  I could hear his three Matsuuras humming and he explained how he went from 90 employees to 15, and they only worked eight hours a day, but his Matsuuras were running and working for him all night and over the weekends.  I decided right there that I had to figure out how to do it,” O’Rell explained.

O’Rell purchased his first Matsuura MAM72-35V 5-Axis Vertical Machining Center with 32 pallet and 300 tools in 2007. 

“We got the machine installed and ran four brand new jobs on it.  The Matsuura was running for us well before the machines I had spent $1.9 million on,” O’Rell said.

In 2012, the MAM72-35V 5-Axis Machining Center was near capacity at 675 hours per month.  Considering there are only 740 hours in a month, O’Rell quickly realized he needed a second MAM72-35V, and had it installed in December. 

“I have never dealt with a better company than Selway.  Installation couldn’t have gone better.  We pulled out two horizontals and put the MAM in their footprint,” O’Rell added.

O’Rell also developed a strong relationship with Bill Selway.

“I can’t say enough good things about Bill Selway.  He has gone to bat for us, and has made things happen,” O’Rell said.

O’Rell recently visited Matsuura USA’s 40,000 sq. ft. facility in St. Paul, MN.

“I was so impressed with the feel of the facility.  All of the people there in St. Paul are great.  Even, Mr. Matsuura made a point to greet us and made sure to let us know that he is there for us.  That is class,” O’Rell explained.

O’Rell frequently recommends Matsuura and Selway to others.  His door is always open to anyone who wants to see his Matsuuras in action.  By his recommendation, numerous companies have chosen Matsuura.

“I have never regretted a day that I partnered with Matsuura and Selway.  There is not a better made machine,” O’Rell concluded.

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