A Tour of Matsuura’s Engineering Division

Please join, Yuto Matsuura, 4th generation of Matsuura, as he takes you on a brief engineering division tour to see Matsuura’s design philosophies.

Transcript: Welcome to Matsuura. Our engineering division plays an integral role in designing and customizing new machining centers and facilitating future product development. With 80 engineers, or 20% of Matsuura’s workforce dedicated to engineering, research, and development, the team imagines and creates the future of Matsuura.

In addition to the assembly and customization of machining centers, our engineering division also develops and implements innovative, cutting-edge technology, such as the LUMEX hybrid metal 3D printer. Entrance to this highly sensitive area is controlled by the card-key security system.

Please join us on a brief engineering division tour to observe Matsuura’s innovative design, development, and manufacture of our high-quality machines and to see where our creativity sparks.

Matsuura maintains a strong global presence and has distributors in 41 countries. We export more than 70% of our machines to small and mid-size job shops.

Job shops require versatile machines, capable of cutting various materials in diverse industries using a high-quality and user-friendly interface. This is our fundamental design concept.

These shops also need reliable cutting performance, machine flexibility and a smaller footprint to reduce expensive floor space requirements.

Mr. Arakawa and Mr. Yoshida, from our Research and Development Team, will now explain Matsuura’s unique design principles.

We are proud of our design ingenuity and committed to sustained high-accuracy, reliability, and longevity. However, we believe that a machine cannot be high-quality without also being user-friendly and intuitive.

At Matsuura, our customers are at the center of everything we do. We consider customer feedback so that we can truly understand our customers’ needs and provide solutions and productivity improvements.

From a manufacturer’s point-of-view, our design strategy is not always easy.

For example, when you consider our casting design, some models are designed in a manner where 2 linear axes are crossed in one casting component.

This is essential to the accessibility of the compact machine design, but it is much harder to achieve geometric accuracy by milling.

Matsuura has more than 85 years developing manufacturing skills and assembly techniques–down to the smallest detail. We remain the forerunner in designing innovative technology for the manufacturing industry.

As a result, we create machines that maintain high-rigidity, high-accuracy, high-precision and excellent operability. This is very important for those who operate our machines, and it is what makes Matsuura different from our competition.

Thank you so much, Mr. Arakawa and Mr. Yoshida.

At Matsuura, we utilize the 3D CAD models for detailed analysis for rigidity, vibration, fluid dynamics, and thermal distribution.

We are devoted to achieving the most optimized design and the highest durability employing quality engineering.

Since 1996, we have actively engaged in quality engineering, incorporating the theory into our machine design, along with software design, manufacturing, assembly, and application.

In recognition of Matsuura’s quality engineering, we proudly received the Taguchi Award from the Robust Quality Engineering Society in 2015. It was the first in 18 years and we are only the second company to receive this award since its establishment in 1997.

“Do what no one else does,” this is Matsuura’s motto established by our founder, Toshio Matsuura. This motto is part of our culture at every level of our company as we continue to bring unique machines to the industry.

An example is the LUMEX. In 2002, we released a prototype LUMEX, the world’s first hybrid metal 3D printer which features both metal laser sintering and high-speed/high-accuracy milling.

Using the LUMEX Technology, mold dies can be created by incorporating 3D water channels that increase cooling efficiency. The technology also allows the ability to “grow” a metal component in layers with lightweight internal features, revolutionizing the manufacturing process.

So, what is the difference? Mr. Kano from the LUMEX customer solutions team, will discuss the technology.

The most remarkable feature of the LUMEX is its milling capability. Matsuura’s many years of know-how in machining center development and high-speed cutting combined with laser sintering and additive manufacturing technology are integrated in one machine.

Especially, in die and mold market, which the LUMEX is great at, this milling function performs at its full potential, facilitating high standard dimensional accuracy and beautiful surface finish that single additive solution cannot offer.

Thank you, Mr. Kano.

How did you enjoy this tour of our engineering division? While Matsuura develops the latest technology, we are also dedicated to our relationships with our customers who want to “do it better’ in their operations. These customer relationships, developed over decades, are at the core of these efforts.

This video only shows only a part of our engineering division. Please visit our headquarters and explore our detailed design in our factory. We always welcome your visit.

For more information on Matsuura in the US, please visit: https://www.matsuurausa.com/contact/.