Matsuura H.Plus-300 Delivers Quality Improvement, Cost Reduction, & Quick Delivery

WES Engineering Solutions in the UK employs the Matsuura H.Plus-300 PC15 to deliver the most accurate and advanced machinery while enhancing productivity and efficiency for their customers.

With the Matsuura H.Plus-300 PC15, they have experienced: Quality Improvement, Cost Reduction, as well as Quick Delivery.

They have increased their production by four times with one Matsuura compared to three 3-axis machines in the production of their brake calipers.

In the video, Commercial Director, Operations Director, and the machine operator talk about the H.Plus-300 PC15 from three different perspectives.

The Matsuura H.Plus-300 PC15 Horizontal Machining Center is a highly productive machine tool with high speed, rigidity, precision, reliability, and low cost of ownership. Equipped with 15 pallets and up to 530 tools, the H.Plus-300 PC15 provides maximized and optimized unmanned production and sustained spindle and machine utilization rates of more than 90%.

The H.Plus-300 PC15 delivers solid and robust rigidity for highly accurate metal cutting, along with ATC/APC options to support unmanned operation and flexible manufacturing systems. Offering floor space savings of more than 15%, the H.Plus-300 PC15 has a compact footprint and comes with a host of MAXIA spindle choices.

Matsuura MAXIA Spindles are renowned for their enduring and accurate performance when cutting everything from aerospace aluminum, to hardened steels to exotic materials. Matsuura’s own Thermal Displacement Compensation Function assures repeatability in cut time and again over long production runs.

Matsuura Machinery USA, Inc., located in St. Paul, MN is the U.S. subsidiary of Matsuura Machinery Corporation in Japan. Since 1935, Matsuura has been the forerunner in designing innovative technology and manufacturing solutions to a variety of industries around the globe. Matsuura Machinery USA, Inc. delivers unmatched excellence in 5-axis, vertical, horizontal, linear motor, multi-tasking CNC machine tools and machines with a powder bed metal AM platform with machining capability. Matsuura Machinery USA, Inc. provides the service, applications and technical field support that have always been the Matsuura standard for business.

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