St. Paul, MN (March 30, 2017) — Matsuura Machinery USA Inc. will showcase the CUBLEX-35 5-Axis Multi-tasking Machining Center at the company’s Spring Open House April 19-20, 2017.

Learn How to Optimize the Output of your 5-axis Machining Center at Matsuura Machinery USA Inc.’s headquarters in St. Paul, MN during this two day event.

The CUBLEX-35 5-Axis Multi-tasking Machining Center provides the ultimate level of process integration from turning, machining and grinding by one chucking. Delivering high-performance and high-accuracy CNC milling, turning and optional grinding on the same platform, the CUBLEX-35 provides true multi-tasking functionality.

The CUBLEX-35 allows for multiple faces of the part to be machined in one setup. Optional Cylindrical and Surface Grinding is available, as well as a PC32 Pallet Tower and a 320 Tool Matrix Magazine.

The B/C Axis Rotary Table, combined with Pallet Changer, enables high production milling and turning with exceptional precision. Matsuura’s CUBLEX-35 Five-Axis Multi-Tasking Machining Center provides a 20,000 RPM Milling Spindle, a 20,000 RPM Direct Drive C-Axis motor, a 320 Tool Matrix Magazine ATC, and Matsuura’s main spindle “chop-grinding” function.

Matsuura’s CUBLEX 5-Axis Multi-tasking Machining Centers provide advanced, high precision multi-tasking for sustained unmanned production. Delivering high-performance and high-accuracy CNC milling, turning and optional grinding on the same machine platform, the Matsuura CUBLEX Series provides true multi-tasking functionality.

“The definitive unmanned 5 axis multi-tasking machine, the CUBLEX-35 is the pinnacle of highly precise and highly productive automation” said a Matsuura Machinery USA Inc. Spokesperson.

Matsuura Machinery USA will also showcase the following machines at the Open House: the H.Plus-630 Horizontal High Performance Machining Center; the LX-160 Linear Motor Machine with 46,000 RPM, 338 Tools, and 42 pallets; the MAM72-35V 5-Axis Vertical Machining Center with 320 tools and 32 pallets; the MAM72-100H 5-Axis Horizontal Machining Center with 50 Taper and automatic pallet changer; the MX-520 5-Axis Vertical Machining Center with Matsuura’s unique flat table; the V.Plus-550 Compact Vertical Machining Center; the VX-1000 24” by 40” travel Vertical Machining Center. Also, making its US debut, Matsuura’s new MX-330 5-Axis Vertical Machining Center equipped with a 10 station pallet changer.

Matsuura produces a wide range of high speed machining centers covering all industry sectors including: horizontals and verticals in all sizes, configured with 3 to 5 axis, single table, multi pallet systems, tool changers and our superb range of ultra-high speed linear motor machines. As an innovator in the development of high speed machining and the manufacture of unmanned high accuracy CNC machine tools, Matsuura machines improve production, minimize cost, increase quality and reduce set-up and lead times.

Matsuura’s global customer base demands high speed, high accuracy and reliability with technical, applications and service support that is second to none. Matsuura’s dedication and commitment to the research and development of unique products incorporating the latest emerging technologies is the reason why Matsuura maintains their status as a technology leader.

An exclusive distributor network works alongside Matsuura Machinery USA to define the optimal manufacturing process for our customers and manage the complete project – from conception to first production, from training to long-term after sales technical and service support.

For more information on Matsuura, please contact your exclusive Matsuura distributor or [email protected]. Matsuura Machinery’s exclusive distributor network works alongside Matsuura to define the ideal manufacturing method and oversee the complete project – from concept to production, from training to after sales technical and service support.

In addition to the live demonstrations of the company’s machine tools, the Open House will feature machine tool accessory vendors, technology seminars and applications and service experts, providing applications engineering solutions for customers’ manufacturing challenges.

Customers are also encouraged to tour the 40,000 sq. ft. facility including the showroom containing Matsuura high speed and high precision CNC machine tools and technical demonstration areas, spacious conference and training rooms and the substantial accessories and recently expanded spare parts storage areas.

Customers are asked to register at [email protected] by April 11, 2017.

Matsuura Machinery USA, located in St. Paul, MN is the importer of Matsuura machining centers in the United States. Matsuura delivers unmatched excellence in high speed and high precision CNC machine tools. The company’s unmanned, high accuracy machining equipment, including multi-pallet and multi-tasking machine tools provide manufacturing solutions to a variety of industries around the globe.

Since 1935, Matsuura has been a leader in developing and manufacturing innovative machining equipment to ensure that manufacturing professionals always have the tools they need to create high quality parts. Almost 10,000 Matsuura machining centers have been installed in the U.S. thus far. As the U.S. subsidiary of Matsuura Machinery Corporation in Japan, Matsuura USA provides the premium service, applications, and technical field support that have always been the Matsuura standard for business.

For more information on Matsuura products, contact: [email protected]