St. Paul, MN (January 9, 2019) — Matsuura Machinery USA, Inc. announces the exhibition of the Matsuura LUMEX Avance-25 at the Medical Design & Manufacturing (MD&M) West, the largest medical design and manufacturing event in the world. The conference provides expert insights and new innovations for every stage of device development.

The 2019 agenda provides educational sessions, including hands-on workshops, interactive case studies, and in-depth panel discussions as well as conference exclusive networking opportunities.

The Matsuura LUMEX Series is a powder bed metal AM platform with machining capability.  The Matsuura LUMEX Series combines selective laser sintering (SLS) along with high speed milling (HSM) commonly called Hybrid AM.

“Matsuura LUMEX Technology has completely disrupted the part design paradigm. Instead of starting from a block or some other traditional geometric shape, the designer now can truly start with a blank page and ‘grow’ their designs for lightest weight, sleekest design, and most efficient use of material. The Matsuura LUMEX is truly creating freedom of design never before seen in the manufacturing world,” said Tom Houle, Director, LUMEX, NA, Matsuura Machinery USA, Inc.

Often referred to as a “one machine, one process” system, the Matsuura LUMEX series permits production of the most complex and challenging parts through total manufacturing by digital engineering using 3-D data. The process produces highly accurate parts from metal powders that are melted and sintered using a laser while surfaces are precisely milled at high speeds. These machines possess both high-speed milling and laser sintering capability.

The Matsuura LUMEX Avance-25 metal laser sintering hybrid milling machine relies on one-machine, one-process manufacturing of complex molds and parts by fusing metal laser sintering (3D SLS) technology with high speed milling technology. The machine enables production of complicated parts and molds through total manufacturing by digital engineering, using 3D data.

The Matsuura LUMEX Avance-25 is capable of processing parts and molds up to 256 mm x 256 mm x 185 mm with an option allowing processing of 256 mm × 256 mm × 300 mm. The Matsuura LUMEX Avance-25 serves predominantly the high value, high accuracy mold and die market. Dies and molds with very complex geometries can be fabricated in one piece with high accuracy, shortening lead time and reducing manufacturing costs to a half or even a third of conventional methods.

“Matsuura’s cutting-edge technology is a transformative in today’s world of 3D Metal Additive Manufacturing.  With our combination of best-in-class CNC Milling and high speed Direct Laser Melting, Matsuura has fundamentally revolutionized the AM marketplace,” Houle, added.

Matsuura USA recently partnered with CMD-Custom Mold & Design (Forest Lake, MN) in applying the Matsuura LUMEX technology for the mold industry.  CMD will also offer contract Matsuura LUMEX production on the company’s LUMEX Avance-25 Metal Laser Sintering Hybrid Milling Machine, a powder bed metal AM platform with subtractive machining capability

Custom Mold and Design is the industry leader for designing and building high-precision, fast cycling molds, machine components and fixtures. The company serves a wide range of industries including medical, aerospace, consumer products and electronics. CMD offers a single source for molds, maintenance, fixturing and machined component needs.

The Matsuura LUMEX Avance-25 achieves the highest accuracy in part fabrication since metal powders are melted and sintered via laser, while surfaces are precisely milled at high speeds. 3D cooling channels can be incorporated into molds in the single setup, thereby increasing cooling efficiency and enabling high-cycle injection molding with better than ever quality and precision, reducing costs and improving efficiency.

“AM in general is being described as the manufacturing platform of the future, and the hybrid version of metal AM is an innovation that provides some direct benefit that customers can see clearly.  For Matsuura in particular, because we are built on a machine tool platform (casting, boxed ways, etc.), customers are seeing how they can benefit from this rigid, robust system on a manufacturing floor and not just in an experimental lab somewhere,” Houle explained.

Differentiated original parts and mold production with internal structures, thus far considered impossible, are achievable on the Matsuura LUMEX Avance-25. The Matsuura LUMEX metal laser sintering hybrid milling machine is capable of quick turn production of custom parts and molds, whether prototypes or small production run parts and molds.

“Learn more about the Matsuura LUMEX Series and engage your imagination in what you can achieve,” Houle said.

Matsuura Machinery USA, Inc., located in St. Paul, MN is the U.S. subsidiary of Matsuura Machinery Corporation in Japan. Since 1935, Matsuura has been the forerunner in designing innovative technology and manufacturing solutions to a variety of industries around the globe. Matsuura Machinery USA, Inc. delivers unmatched excellence in 5-axis, vertical, horizontal, linear motor, multi-tasking CNC machine tools and machines with a powder bed metal AM platform with machining capability. Matsuura Machinery USA, Inc. provides the service, applications and technical field support that have always been the Matsuura standard for business.

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