Meet Josh Soost, Matsuura’s LUMEX Application Engineer

How long have you worked with Matsuura and what does your job entail?
I have been with Matsuura for nearly four years. As an application engineer, I apply the LUMEX machine and technology to build amazing parts.  I work on every aspect from design, estimating build time and costs for customers, operating machines, programming, and creating sample parts for the customer during the sales process.  I also manage customer training on the LUMEX machines after the purchase and ongoing support and guidance to assist in the performance of the LUMEX technology.

What is unusual or a memorable moment at Matsuura? My favorite part is helping a potential customer understand just how powerful the LUMEX technology can be.  Every user is looking for a little different benefit from the machines.  Helping customers realize benefits that they had not considered actually increases the interest in our technology.  This understanding benefits the continued growth and application of our machines and processes.

What is a career lesson you have learned thus far? Always be open and ready to learn.  Working with such a groundbreaking technology provides constant opportunity to learn. I also believe you must be creative and apply previous experience to create solutions for today’s projects.

What is your favorite part of your role at Matsuura? Working with the customers and sharing the LUMEX technology.  Also, teaching our process and techniques to build high tech parts with the most advanced manufacturing processes.  I am still amazed that I begin with a model of a part, and a few days later, I have a finished part.

What would you do (for a career) if you weren’t Matsuura’s LUMEX Applications Engineer? I would probably be in robotics, or automation.  Each day, manufacturing becomes more automated.  I enjoy seeing problems solved and parts being made.

What do you do when not at Matsuura? I spend time with my family.  I like to travel with my wife and son.  Most of our travel involves fishing somewhere.  It seems we always have a project going on, fixing up the house, gardening, or building something. Like many people, I have too many hobbies.  Making maple syrup in the spring, is one of my favorite activities.

What is a fun fact many people do not know about you? The first machine I ran as an apprentice 21 years ago was a Matsuura machine!  Running this machine for thousands of hours gave me a great appreciation for the quality of Matsuura’s machines. I appreciate the opportunity to work with the LUMEX machines, which are one of the most high-tech manufacturing machines produced today.  I went into a machining career to have a chance to make cool parts.  Now I get to print them every single day!


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