St. Paul, MN (May 23, 2016) — At Matsuura Machinery USA, we seek to SOLVE our customer’s problem, not simply to sell a product.  When Matsuura sales personnel visit customers, they are there to SOLVE challenges. By asking questions and carefully listening to our customers, Matsuura sales personnel diagnose the issue, think long-term and do not allow price to be a roadblock for the customer.

As manufacturing in North America becomes more complex, requiring multi-axis machining solutions, Matsuura is the preeminent solutions provider.  While most industries maintain a higher part mix and smaller batch production, reduction of inventory is an imperative initiative. Additionally, with pressure on pricing and margins, customers realize they must discover methods to reduce labor costs. 

Matsuura customers have high expectations: they want high-performance and reliability, superior accuracy and surface finish, machine flexibility, ease of use and minimal maintenance.  We understand machine uptime is critical. Matsuura machines are built with our customers’ needs in mind. Since our foundation in 1935, Matsuura has been at the forefront of innovative design, development and manufacture of high quality machining centers.  Our products satisfy the global requirement for high reliability, sustained accuracy and guaranteed performance.

At Matsuura Machinery USA, we also provide outstanding service and support. We deliver immediate telephone contact and support, same or next day onsite support, quick turnaround on spare parts, reasonable professional service cost and expert service capability.

Matsuura Machinery USA and our extensive distributor network seek to build trust, SOLVE issues and assist our customer in generating more profit. We set ourselves apart from the industry norm at Matsuura Machinery USA.   We are a lean organization: small enough to understand the unique needs of and provide individualized attention to each customer.  

To discover how Matsuura’s advanced technology provides a competitive advantage by acquiring engineering solutions for your manufacturing challenges; contact your exclusive Matsuura distributor or contact Matsuura USA at [email protected]