Meet Leo Erler​, Matsuura’s Applications Engineering Coordinator

Welcome to our employee spotlight series, featuring profiles on Matsuura team members. Get to know Matsuura’s Applications Engineering Coordinator, Leo Erler​:

How long have you worked with Matsuura and what does your job entail? 8 years. I joined the company in June 2013. I think of the job of an Applications Engineer (AE) in two parts: pre-sale and post-sale. During pre-sale, we help the sales team with any technical questions that arise in their conversations with the customer. We also run machine demos if the customer wants to see the machine running. We manage demos at tradeshows and provide training for our distributor AE counterparts. Post-sale, we provide training at the customer’s facility alongside our distributor AEs. We also help the service team troubleshoot any problems that arise.

What is unusual or a memorable moment at Matsuura? I enjoy hearing about the parts our customers are working on. Our customers make a large variety of components: medical implants, satellite parts, injection molds, gun parts, airplane parts, race car parts, etc.

What is a career lesson you have learned thus far? Listening is always better than talking. Having the discipline to keep quiet is the tricky part, I’m still working on it.

What is your favorite part of your role at Matsuura? Learning from our customers. We try to have a broad base of knowledge about the capabilities of our machines, but our customers know so much more about their specific machine and their parts than we ever will. It’s always interesting to see and hear about the way they are doing things on their Matsuura(s) and the other machines in their shop. There are lots of smart, creative, and interesting people in this industry.

What would you do (for a career) if you weren’t Matsuura’s Applications Engineering Coordinator? Something technical and hands on. Before I got into machining I thought I might enjoy being an auto mechanic.

What do you do when not at Matsuura? I enjoy hanging  out with my kids. I need to find some new hobbies now that they’re getting older and more independent.

What is a fun fact many people do not know about you? I can ride a decent wheelie on most bicycles.

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